Driving to Luxembourg, was a delight except when we passed through areas that smelled like a horse’s farm; the stench was so strong and obnoxious, I couldn’t wait until we were out of smelling range. The scenes were picturesque and I thought often of the book Heidi as we drove along through the quaint villages and towns nestled in the mountains. I marveled at the snow covered areas, the dazzling sun, the gloomy, overcast places, then in sharp contrast the bright green fields and lush evergreens. Each sight was appreciated and tucked away in my memory for future reference. Of particular note were the specially designated parking spaces for women only near public bathrooms. Germans really take care of their women. We stopped at a diner next to a restaurant and went in for coffee. Coffee is such a special treat in Europe. Almost every place serves from a machine you actually put money in and you designate whether you want plain koffee, with cream, as a cappuccino, café au lait or with sucre (sugar). The coffee is good and strong and tastes great. The restaurant also served the koffee from a special machine but there no place to put money. Instead we pay at the register and the food looked so good, I almost wished we hadn’t eaten earlier, so we get a piece of coffee cake topped with berries. The taste is out of this world delicious, so buttery good. I am glad there was only one piece to share between us. I am very conscious of extra calories and being quite good most of the time. Arjo is much too kind. He encouragingly, but naively says, “Eat and be happy honey“! Right!!!

It was nearly dusk when drove into Luxembourg. Traffic was thankfully going in the opposite direction. We winded our way through town and found our hotel centrally located in the middle of shops and banks situated in the middle of the business district. Luckily, Arjo found a parking space just steps away from our hotel. We had to climb steps to get to it. I had learned my lesson with luggage and carried one medium suitcase filled with one week’s bare necessities up the stairs to the elevator. There was no internet connection and no morning breakfast. Dinner that night was a fifteen minute walking trip through central district of Luxembourg until we found a quaint café called “Colours“ filled with candles in every nook and cranny. I had a plate filled with nine different appetizers two of which were made of raw fish and meat and one was chicken livers marinated in a berry sauce while Arjo had the steak special. The walk back was a bit chilly, but the scenery exquisite. Spiraling old churches, cement bridges rising over seemingly small cities 30 feet below.

February 1, 2006

Up early, I had an opportunity to see the “community helpers“. A huge street cleaning machine drove down the sidewalks with two men walking before it scrubbing and cleaning. I marveled at how they made quick work of cleaning the area all along the sidewalk then the street. I questioned Arjo about them and he referred to them as “Reinigingsdienst” mentioning they were given such sweet names by the municipality to clean because their jobs were so dirty. Breakfast at the Best Western Hotel in Luxembourg was not as impressive as many of the places we’d visited earlier and we made our way back to our hotel loaded up the car and did a driving tour through Luxembourg snapping shots as we drove along.

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