Soldier Bob Finds Peace

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To the memory of my father,
Anthony Davis, a soldier who has finally found peace.

Soldier Bob is marching along the road of life with a rifle on his shoulder looking for a war.

  1. He marches until he comes to a dusty fork in the road. He stops at the fork in the road and wonders which road will take him to war.

    Before he could decide, along comes a terrible sight. It looks angry. It walks like it is angry. It has a frown on its face. It is Anger!
  2. Anger says, “Soldier Bob, let me ride your back—and I’ll tell you how to find war.” Soldier Bob just nods his head.
  3. Anger climbs upon Soldier Bob’s back, but Anger is very heavy.
  4. Soldier Bob marches and marches until he comes to another fork in the road.

    In the middle of the road is a fearful sight! It has fear on its face. It has fear in its heart. It has fear on its mind.
    It is Fear! And it says:

    “Soldier Bob, let me ride your back and I’ll show you the way to war!
  5. Soldier Bob doesn’t seem to have a mind of his own because he nods his head and Fear climbs upon Anger’s back. Anger is riding on Soldier Bob’s back. They are both very heavy.
  6. Soldier Bob is getting very tired.
  7. Soldier Bob marches and marches until he comes to another fork in the road. In the middle of the road is an incredible sight! It has hate on its face, hate in its eyes, hate on its lips, and hate thronging inside his head.
    It is HATE!

    And HATE says:

    “Soldier Bob, let me ride your back and I’ll take you directly to war.”
  8. Soldier Bob has no willpower. He is weak and tired. He nods his head and HATE climbs upon FEAR’s back. FEAR is riding ANGER’s back. ANGER is riding Soldier Bob’s back. Soldier Bob can hardly walk, they are so heavy!
  9. ANGER says, “Anger is good for fighting war. You start off being mad. Are you mad Soldier Bob?”
  10. FEAR said, “Fear is better for fighting war. You need fear to keep war going. I can teach you all about fear Soldier Bob.”
  11. HATE said, “Hate is best for war. With hate, even good people will fight. Hate makes war worth fighting!”
  12. ANGER, FEAR, and HATE chant in unison!
    “War is good! Let’s make war!
    War is good! Let’s make war!
    War is good! Let’s make war!
  13. Soldier Bob had enough of war. “Can I stop now? I don’t like war anymore! Please Stop. No more War! No More War!”

    But Anger, Fear, and Hate said, “We promised you war and to war you will go!”
  14. Soldier Bob walked but it was terrible walking. He didn’t want to walk anymore. He was very tired and he wanted Anger, Hate and Fear to get off his back. But he didn’t know how to make them get off.
  15. Soldier Bob walked until he came to another forked road on the way to war.
  16. He saw a beautiful white bird fluttering its wings. The bird reminded Soldier Bob of peace.
  17. The Peace bird flew closer to Soldier Bob and landed on a nearby branch. To his surprise, the bird began to speak. She said:

    “If you want peace Soldier Bob, get rid of your weapons.”
  18. “You can have my rifle,” said Soldier Bob and he threw his weapon behind him. Anger, Fear, and Hate jumped off his back and grabbed the weapon. They ran happily down the road with it.
  19. Soldier Bob sat down on the ground. The Peace bird flew over his head singing:

    “Peace is already inside you.”
  20. “It is?” said Soldier Bob.

    “How can you tell?” he asked the beautiful bird.
  21. She said, “Under fear, anger and hate is peace and love. Peace and love is inside everyone.
  22. “You can’t always see it, but you can feel it. It is a good feeling that warms you inside. Sometimes when you sit quietly, it will rise to the surface. Practice giving peace to everyone you meet,” said the bird.
  23. “How do I give peace?” asked Soldier Bob.

    “Wherever you go, offer it to everyone.”

    “Offer it to everyone I meet! How do I do that?” He asked the peace bird.
  24. She fluttered her wings and said, “The way to Peace is easy. Just listen inside for the right thing to do and you will know. We always know when we take the time to listen.”
  25. Soldier Bob seemed to understand. He closed his eyes and listened to the bird of peace singing. He felt calm and quiet inside. It felt good sitting on the ground, with no one riding his back. The sun felt good shining on his face and his heart was filled with love. Soldier Bob felt peaceful.
  26. When Bob opened his eyes, he felt grateful. Bob saw Anger coming towards him. He offered Anger the gift of peace.
    But Anger turned around and ran away. Anger was too mad to accept the gift of Peace.
  27. Fear came running over to Soldier Bob. Bob offered Fear the gift of peace, and even though Fear was afraid, Fear wanted to know more about Peace.
    So Fear sat next to Bob on the ground and closed its eyes.
  28. When Fear opened its eyes, it said, I am not afraid anymore.
    Fear unzipped itself and took off all of its fearfulness.
    “I don’t need this anymore,” Fear said. “I am not afraid!”
  29. Hate trudged up the road with Soldier Bob’s rifle. Bob saw Hate marching towards him and offered HATE the gift of peace. Peace caught Hate by surprise and Hate began to weep. As HATE wept, the water from HATE’s tears melted all of HATE’S false skin.
  30. Peace Bird is nestled among the three.
    Hate is now full of Peace.
    Fear is now full of Peace.
    Bob is now full of Peace.

You can choose to be full of Peace too!
Decide to be an Ambassador for Peace!
Say the Peace Ambassador Pledge below.
Then sign your name on line below the pledge.
Sign your name on the Peace Ambassador Ribbon.
Hang your Peace Ambassador Ribbon where you can see it everyday.
Take time each day to sit quietly and listen for ways you can help to bring Peace to our world.
Now remember to choose to give Peace to everyone you meet.


I am an ambassador for peace. As a peace ambassador I uphold
the principles of peace:
I remember peace always begins with me.
I honor myself by honoring others.
I honor others by honoring myself.
I honor my environment.
I honor all creatures.
My speech is peaceful.
My thoughts are filled with peace.
My actions are peaceful.
I ignite the flame of peace through my attitude.
I am a peace ambassador now.
Right here and right now peace prevails on earth because of me.
I am an Ambassador for Peace.

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