China And Culture Wars

Posted to Storytell on March 18, 2007:

Today we visited Arjo’s sister and fiancee in Holland and had an interesting conversation regarding China.

According to Kees (pronounced Case) Asian businesses are now requesting certain types of Hotel rooms. Because of their request, hotels catering strictly to this population have been built and established in Holland during the last year. He went on to divulge how much the Chinese culture has grown. He had some pretty interesting ideas about America’s economy would eventually be taken over by the Chinese. He believes in the future the Chinese will go to America for cheap labor. He went onto say that at one time (about 20 years ago) the America dollar was worth 4 times what the Euro was valued at.

I disagreed with him for one main reason. The American Spirit is indomitable especially in the face of severe odds! In the movie War of the Worlds, humans won out against aliens because of our indomitable spirit. I know it was a movie. I am overly optimistic by most standards and that fact coupled with my belief in something greater gets ME through any and every thing and I know this same Spirit is in each and every person whether they know it or not.

I believe Chinese culture has already invaded (I don’t mean this negatively) American mainstream. For one thing, China is underwriting all of our expenses buying our war time debts, causing us to be indebted to China for sure. The American dollar is not strong anymore because we are too deep in debt. Furthermore, Chinese banks and businesses are part of American mainstream. One example, HSBC Bank stands for Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation. I don’t know if anyone else noticed that many of our arts grants earmarked funds specifically for the Asian population living in America!

I told him that America was busy fighting a war that was soon to be obsolete. Obsolete because underlying the war effort is oil control. I believe America will see a shift in its use of fossilized fuels because some genius (probably Asian) is going to market cars and equipment affordably. That these cars already exist is not questioned—indeed, corporations (corporations have already bought the patents for these cost efficient cars and other energy efficient yet non fossilized fuel protégés and hold it under tight security—is it wonder that only the substandard versions are available to John Q. Public?) will lose billions of dollars as the working class consumer use their hard earned dollars to work for them. Can you imagine a new, improved, snazzy car model retailing for around $5000 to $7000 fully equipped and having to purchase for around $2000 a utility charge to keep the car working nonstop when needed? Can you imagine what such a unit will mean to car pricing and consumer spending? From that one shift, everything will spiral into a huge range of changes for the American public as Americans shift into a new way of living and thinking. For the second time in two weeks, I felt myself listening as my mouth talked on. I wrote a while back, that we Americans are like spoiled brats unable to appreciate their parents’ indulgent behavior. I think it is deeper than that. We feel entitled. It's our right to live a life based on the principles this country was founded on.

We are spoiled, yet we are very blessed. We do not like what is happening in many places, with our judicial system, political arenas, and in many institutions especially schools and hospitals. American schools are in for a major overhaul. Imagine teachers being at the forefront of what will be taught in schools and making the mandates necessary for that to happen without having to cater to teaching the test? Imagine teachers teaching students how to use more of their brains even as teachers are undergoing ground breaking exciting changes like using Light in the classroom to help pupils excel and using more of their brain! Check out heart math as it relates to educators at: or as it relates to students: The site of great interest because they stress NLP learning techniques along with ideas taught in the Secret, the movie!

Schools are in for some exciting activities like using the computer in the classroom to connect with planning/teaching stations around the world. This is already being initiated in some circles. Bigger plans await educators who will also make changes to the pay scale in urban cities and the way students are taught. Hospitals and the medical establishment too, but that subject will have to be saved for another day.

In 1994, I was in meditation when I saw a screen built into the wall like the plasma TVs’ in use today. I saw screens within screens and I pushed buttons on the wall. I marveled at how flat the TV screen was. There seemed to be a computer built inside and a way to talk to people by phone, see their live picture and many other nifty gadgetry involved in this novel product. Today that product does indeed exist.

Alas, I digress!

It was a very interesting conversation and I learned a lot. I share it with you. One last thing, Kees said that if the Chinese communist foundation ever failed like Russia did, they would be in a muddle for some time to come as they tried to restructure.

I know that America is in for some very big changes.

Angela Davis
Storyteller: Spinning Tales of Light, Joy, and Love