Choosing Joy

Posted to Storytell on March 18, 2007:

I believe we always have a choice even when we think there is no choice to be made. Every day we are filled with countless choices, but the only ones we pay attention to are the ones that are meaningful to us. Learning to be aware in the midst of life is a wonderful quality to have. Someone once said we go through life minding our business until a light bulb goes off in our brains and we are more aware and clear. Then life continues on and we lose the clarity sinking into muddled livingness until the light bulb goes off again.

Once upon a time I was never good at making choices until I realized there is an "Intelligence" in me that does know the way for me to follow. This "guidance" is in all people, whether they are Jews, Buddhists, Christians or whatever. Listening to the guidance is another matter.

I think that both peace and life are good. Isn't peace more of life? Someone else once wrote that peace can be found inside one's self even though all seems to be wrong in the world. I have had those precious moments of peace. Usually those moments happen just before all hell breaks loose in my life mirroring the calm before the storm. I can usually tell when I am in the eye of the storm as I have an insight that this terrible thing is the precipice to take me to the next great joy in my life. The most exquisite experiences soon follow. So when I am in the deepest depths of despair, a little voice reminds me this feeling is the clue that something wonderful is about to happen. So far I've not been disappointed yet. It is a seeming miracle every single time!

I think we should be looking for clues to what our next step should be. I just can't seem to get through this life without guidance. I have to seek help from the GREAT KNOWER OF ALL THINGS otherwise I would surely be lost.

I gave up helping people some time ago. (tongue in cheek) My brain and heart believes this, but my mind has yet to get into gear. Just before leaving the US a friend of a friend needed a place to live. Before I thought it through fully, I offered my home while we are out of the country. It worked out that she didn't have to take my offer. I was saved. It doesn't matter that we think we have to help people. I have a good friend living in Killeen, Texas. She shares with me her stories of being "saved" by one of her Baptist friends. Where would we be, if we didn't save people from themselves? Probably more focused on our own lives if you ask me. But you didn't ask me. But I do want to say we should leave people to making their own connections and I should follow my own advice. LOL!

In all honesty we are not here to make an impression on our environment...only to express ourselves through our environment. Believe it or not ,we are not here to leave a lasting impression on the environment or that we leave any impression at all. All that means anything is that we live our lives fully while we are here. So if helping another gives you more pleasure and more joy, connect away!

I think we would do well to use our talents creating happiness. The more happiness we are privy to, the more likely others will benefit from our joy! SO yesterday, we spent some time taking down all the Christmas decorations and making the house spring like here in Holland. I think it is too cold here for my bones because I layered orange everywhere: orange curtains on the windows, orange tablecloth on the table, fluffy orange pillows on sofa, orange candles in the candle holders. I brought the sunshine inside, because it is cold as the dickens outside. The wind whistles and blows, as story snippets of the wind trickle through my brain. There are rattles and unfamiliar sounds causing a deep unsettling within. As if to underline my thoughts, the rain has started again and it's lighting, thundering and hailing.

I cannot imagine the pioneer ladies and immigrants of old living through these harsh winters. Arjo says he's never heard the wind like this before. I reminded him it sounded just like this last January when I stayed in his parent's farm house they call home (only I was much colder cause it was -5 degrees and I had to change under the covers to keep my body from rattling). Every where I turn I almost expect a ghost to pop out and start telling me a story!

Live my dear friends! What makes you happy? What makes your heart sing? What brings You so much joy you cannot contain it all? Do more of that and you will be happier than you've ever imagined life could be in spite of all that life brings your way!

Angela Davis
Storyteller: Spinning Tales of Light, Joy, and Love