Follow Your Joy

Posted to Storytell on 19 March 2007

I think your task is to do whatever brings you much joy! If it makes you happy, harms none, and makes you feel better, then it sounds like you've found your niche! Ask your unconscious mind and see what it says!

When I grow old, I want to be out in the world like the Asheville Wonder Women I met last year living a full rewarding life. Celeste Rast, extraordinary storytelling lady gets up each morning to a full plate of activities. At 90 I hope I am learning to fly an airplane and at a 100 I want to still be going strong!

We are living in "Jump Time" as Jean Houston wrote at the turn of the millennium in a book with the same title, is how human beings can awaken to their own possibilities, how technology opens people of the world to each other, and how wisdom and spirituality are combining to lead humanity into a more positive future.

Using Brain Gym is a remarkable technique. Our bodies are so important. Finding the ease to utilize them more thoroughly is a boon to us. I also like NLP, & EMF techniques and The Fountain of Youth exercises found here:

Kelder began teaching them when he was in his 60's I believe at elderly centers around the country and his success among the elderly was astounding. I find the last exercise the most difficult.

The future is rolling inexorably towards us with a speed and haste heretofore unknown. I say, enjoy the ride even if it does get bumpy!

Joy to you,

Angela Davis

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