New York Blizzard

Posted to Storytell on March 5, 2007:

Here in New York, it snowed all day today and all night! I am snowed out...or is it snowed under? At first it was fun playing in the snow, throwing snowballs, until that wind nearly knocked me down and froze my bones. Driving all day to Frankfort in the middle of a blizzard didn't help either. There were school closings, but luckily I got to tell today for one hour and a half straight through! This was my second visit to the school and the audience was one of the best I've ever seen! The teachers were also the youngest looking I've ever seen!

I met Ina Doyle from the storytell list who lives near Rochester! She drove over to the planetarium yesterday to with her friend Autumn and we had the best time in a coffee house swapping stories afterwards with my friend Sylvia Barker who also lives in Rochester. We first met up at the Planetarium and watched The Living Sea! It was almost over before I realized I'd seen it before! It was better this time, watching it with friends.

Arjo and I traveled to Niagara Falls on Saturday. What a beautiful day! We drove from Niagara to St. Thomas, Canada, where we met his 89 year old great-uncle and wife. Both were dear, dear people and have been married for 65 years! Last Sunday Arjo and I attended the 66th wedding anniversary party for my great aunt and uncle in Mandeville, Louisiana! During the celebration, Arjo, my uncle and cousin were the “Un-Temptations” and sang "The Jelly Roll Blues" in honor to them. Everyone present howled and I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes. Arjo can’t sing, but don't tell him! In good spirits because my cousin had given him way too many Crown Royals and coke, he sang from his heart after they wrote the words down on a sheet of paper for him.

It is difficult to explain how he came in a little too late and off key to get you to understand just how comical their presentation was. You had to be present to get the full value of their song. They sang the song three times with each one having a turn at lead. When Arjo sung lead his voice strained to hit notes. All the more memorable was his unplanned lifting of me into the air three times. I am not what you would call a “light” woman, and I rolled with laugher, trepidation and mirth begging him to put me down as he lifted me into the air and he grinned broadly with his accomplishment. Boy did his stomach hurt afterwards, but he swears it hurt before! (I am glad he's not hurting anymore!) He wanted to sing to his aunt and uncle but I begged him not to without his backup! Well his uncle can play the organ by ear. He's never had any lessons and he went over to the organ and began playing! His wife started singing and before we knew it, we were all singing and laughing. Arjo had been missing Holland and seeing his uncle helped to revive him until we leave for Holland in a couple of weeks. I have some fond memories of NY.

Tomorrow I get to meet Mary Clark from the storytell list if the weather cooperates!

In the spirit of sharing,
Angela Davis
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