Potential Of The Mind

Posted to Storytell on March 18, 2007

Just seeing all the people in every city, boggles my mind. Each person has a story, is somebody's baby, wants something, has a trillion cells operating simultaneously on this planet. There are no coincidences. Every child is a connection to the future. Every person connected in some way. We "read" each other's thoughts and store information all the time.

Try this: The next time you have an issue about something, say Subconscious mind tell me what this is about and watch and see if your mind doesn't take you to the thought immediately! Our minds are computers and they work at will if we ask them to! You can program your body to wake you at a certain time, heal yourself, direct you to needed information, and dissolve issues that have harangued you all your life in minutes.

After your unconscious shows you the memory, ask it to let you know what lesson did you need to learn from that memory, that you haven't learned yet. Listen and again it will supply you with the information. Ask the unconscious mind if you can learn the lesson now. It will give you a straight answer every time> Yes or No. Once you learn the lesson you're trying to teach yourself, it's over. The brain processes it quickly and it's finished.

Easy huh? The body/mind is phenomenal. Can you imagine using this process with students (teaching it to students) to self correct behaviors? There is nothing like teaching another person how to be fully responsible for self! BTW, you'd be surprised the number of folks who don't want to take responsibility for their behavior. Having the behavior serves as a crutch to perpetuate the victim mentality. Another fascinating tool is programming your life to have what you want. It is no different from creating a taped recording, except the recording is all done in the mind.

Teaching becomes an awesome pleasure when you know how to help kids access info easily! Living is easier too! Imagine having enough money and living the life you really want to live without fear of failure. I initially didn't think it possible, but I know the human mind is capable of way more than we ever imagined!

Angela Davis
Storyteller: Spinning Tales of Light, Joy, and Love