Tales Of The Weird And Fanciful

Posted to Storytell on March 15, 2007:

Okay this may sound weird. Tonight we went on a candlelight cruise in Amsterdam, our second such experience since being married. This time, I found myself experiencing the most fantastic extraordinary experience. I “knew” things about the city I had no way of knowing. When we would pass by certain buildings, I found myself knowing stories, legends and experiences as if I were very knowledgeable about it.

An example: the guide told us one of the bridges we passed under said there was a legend that if lovers kissed under this bridge their union would last for all time. Immediately couples began kissing. I turned to Arjo and told him the “story” of this legend. I knew the names of the couple, where they lived, and the century they lived in and the juicy details of their "story". The truth is the couple had not actually kissed on that particular bridge because it hadn’t been built yet. But the story told on the boat is part of urban legend because it was romantic and added flair to the journey. This is one of many stories I told tonight. It was as if a window opened in my mind and I had full access to all kinds of information, people and history that was mind boggling and a bit overwhelming and very fascinating to me.

Arjo and I sat listening as my mouth recounted of particular buildings that housed religious superiors, royalty, a fire that swept through Amsterdam destroying over 50% of the houses here. Arjo's eyes opened in fascination as he confirmed of learning about such a fire in school history. I shared about the large houses, servants underneath, the various constructions of such homes and information about the gables and why certain areas were more developed than others. At one point the tour guide came over to replenish our wine. I shared some of my “knowings” with him and he agreed.

When the cruise was over, so were the stories. As we rode the tram through the city back to the hotel, there were no more stories. I sensed I had just a wee bit too much wine. I surmised, the wine made my imagination even more fanciful and it would not be farfetched to think that this city had a fire at one time; after all, New Orleans, had a great fire in the 1700's and I imagine so did many other cities!

Being a storyteller, it was great fun. Were I not a storyteller, it still would have been great fun!

In the spirit of sharing,
Angela Davis
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