Warmth Through Stories In Cold NY

Posted to Storytell on March 6, 2007:

Winter in Rochester, NY is cold! The wind chill factor had the temperature logged in at -40 degrees. (like Russia!) The sun was shining and we sat at The Spot again and told stories in Rochester. This time Mary Clark and Marianne joined Sylvia, Arjo and myself to tell stories. Sylvia shared a personal story. Mary told the haunting story of the 'Woman with No Shadow'; Marianne the redemptive story of 'Jimmy Green' and Arjo recounted his Ass and Goose tale! I shared a story I had reworked over the years.

We storytellers played with the art of deepening the story to flesh out the 'missing' parts of the Mary's story. Hours passed as we heard, listened and took apart and found symbols as we tried to figure out what happened to the woman when she was banned by her husband. How did the flowers get on the roof and why did she go back to die serenely? We left with some semblance of the story intact in our minds, but I am not certain that is the end of the story.

Aren't stories grand that they make our minds tick and unfold grand scenarios? It was a wonderful way to spend the last of my visit to Rochester. Sharing stories in the company of storytellers warmed me to the core. What pleasure to meet Mary and also learn of her dog, Bill, who isnít really a dog at all, but a story about a dog.

Sylvia took us to see the movie Amazing Grace afterwards. Now that was an equally powerful tale: ending the slave trade. Arjo turned to me at the end and said, wow, that's the reason why we met before planting a kiss on my lips! I guess the storytellers are not the only thing that's warm in Rochester!

In the spirit of sharing,
Angela Davis
Storyteller: Spinning Tales of Light, Joy, and Love