Join Angela Davis, The Yarnspinner

for an Unforgettable

Summer Reading Program of 2007


International Louisiana Storyteller, ANGELA DAVIS returned from a TEN COUNTRY European performance tour January - February 2006!

Then she returned in September 2006 for additional performances:
(Moscow, St. Petersburg, Archangelsk) RUSSIA
(Paris) FRANCE,
(Helsinki) FINLAND,
(Dublin, Cork) IRELAND,

(Bangkok) THAILAND,
(Stockholm) SWEDEN,
(Vienna) AUSTRIA,
(Dusseldorf, Stuttgardt) GERMANY,
(Brussels) BELGIUM,
(London, Ipswich) ENGLAND,
(Milan) ITALY,
(Warsaw) POLAND,
(Budapest) HUNGARY
(Tallin) ESTONIA,
& (Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Middelharnis) NETHERLANDS!

Hear authentic stories from countries around the world!
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Angela's actual trip began in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She arrived the same night as the Governor of Louisiana! Angela took a picture with Governor Blanco after traveling for 10 hours by plane. It was 8 am the next day in the morning when they arrived in the Netherlands. Angela performed in four cities in Holland: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag & Middelharnis. The children of Den Haag gave Angela a special container for stroopwafels. Stroopwafels are delicious wafers filled with gooey caramel.

Angela's next adventure took her to Helsinki, Finland! There was fresh fallen snow everywhere and the temperature was -28º below zero! A librarian named Helga helped Angela learn how the Lapp children made special earrings that looked like the sun to keep them safe. She wore three layers of clothing to stay warm!

Next Angela traveled to Russia. Teachers and students on Russia had a great time. They also shared some stories and songs with Angela! Angela traveled to three cities in Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Archangelsk. Archangelsk is in the Artic Circle! It was -40º below zero. People walked everywhere even though it was cold! She was even invited to celebrate the holiday Epiphany, commemorated by jumping in the river. Luckily for Angela, the river was frozen solid! The people of Russia love classical music. Angela attended two classical concerts in Russia and she stayed warm!

In France Angela went skiing in the town of Le Rousses. A skiing instructor taught her how to make a "plow" to stop the skis and "french fries" to ski down the icy slope! Lunch can take up to three hours especially if you can't read the menu because it is written in French! But the food is delicious and they serve lots of great tasting bread!

In Dusseldorf, Germany Angela told stories to students in grades Pre K through 11th grade! All the students loved the fun of Angela's Louisiana stories. Students shared stories they'd written based on the German picture book called "Monkees." Angela drove along the Rhine River before leaving this beautiful country.

Next stop-Geneva, Switzerland! Geneva is like two cities in one because it sits on huge a lake and the city is on both sides of the Lake of Geneva! The students in this school asked Angela for her autograph after the storytelling programs and gave her special gifts of delicious Lindt candy, Toblerone candy and beautiful ceramic pieces fired in clay!

In Luxembourg, the "community helpers" came out before dawn to clean the streets and make sure the city was clean. Two little men with big brooms and a street cleaning machine went up and down the streets and sidewalks getting rid of the trash. Quaint scenes, picturesque views and lots of restaurants were everywhere.

The fruit in Brussels, Belgium was extraordinary! Tasty tangerines and other citrus fruits not well known in America were purchased to nibble on. Belgium is only two hours from Amsterdam by car. By the time we arrived back in Holland, we had eaten all the fruit!

We flew to London, England, and wound up in a town called Ipswich at the invitation of England storyteller, John Row. John looks a little bit like Santa Claus and is just as nice. John works in a prison outside the city Angela gave her popular workshop on How to Have the Best Life Ever No Matter What! Angela's workshop was so successful, it was broadcast to other prisoners in England! Later that night after the workshop, Angela and John sat in front row seats to see a powerful play called "Yellowman," about the role of color among Black Americans.

Angela was lost in Ireland for a few hours after a mix-up left her stranded with no money or passport at an internet café in Dublin, Ireland. Luckily, the police -- "Garza" which means guardians of peace, helped her find her way safely back to her hotel. She loved their special black pudding sausage until she found it was made from cow's blood! Driving up Whitlow mountains was very cold. She ate some delicious thick soup in Glendalough to keep her warm. There are lots of sheep on the mountain roads. Angela gave a special Valentine's Day performance in Dublin where St. Valentine's body is buried! One funny story she heard while in Ireland was of the goose and the donkey who fell in love, each asking the Creator to turn them into the other. Both had their wish granted, but both were sad when they realized they still could not be together! The goose became a donkey, and the donkey became a goose, so they were back where they started!

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