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"Enhancing Programs Using Self Evaluation Modules and Rubrics"

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  • Introduction
  • Providing Quality Arts Ed in Schools
  • Valuable Research Supporting the Arts
  • What are Self Evaluation Modules?
  • Choosing Appropriate Arts Ed Models
  • Deciding Programs Instructional Content
  • Selecting Strategic Program Methods
  • Collaborating with Educators
  • Effective Program Assessment
  • Knowing & Identifying School Culture
  • Finding Standards for your Work
  • Incorporating Arts Standards
  • Ideal Curriculum Standards for Programs
  • Partnering with Educators
  • The Value of Using Rubrics
  • Outlining Your Program
  • Meeting Student Needs
  • Cue Sheets to the Rescue
  • Encountering Mandates
  • Conflicting Challenges
  • Integration
  • Conclusion & Suggestions
  • Wrap Up/Closure


  1. Teaching Artists use self evaluation modules to :
    1. Plan, Evaluate, Enhance Techniques, and Structure School Arts Programs
    2. Develop Quality Programs that Address Teacher and Learner Needs
  2. Uncover the Value of Rubrics
  3. Identify and Use Appropriate Standards
  4. Develop Cue Sheets to Underscore Programs' Instructional Value
  5. Become of Aware of Personal Instructional Techniques Used in Programs
  6. Receive tools to make effective Program Evaluations.

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