Reaching Unmotivated Kids

"Helping challenging students find a niche through unique story techniques"

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  • Introduction
  • Identifying the Unmotivated Child
  • What Motivates me to act
  • Identifying Objectives
  • Identifying Key Parameters
  • Partnering
  • Outlining the Story Parts
  • Educational Concepts
  • Stories for the Unmotivated
  • Why this motivation works
  • Success Stories
  • The Value of Centering
  • Finding a Path with Heart
  • Engaging the Gut & the Heart
  • Outlining the practice
  • Integration
  • Rewriting the student's story
  • Following a new model for success
  • Conclusion & Wrap Up
  • Questions & Answers


  1. Participants will learn
    1. How to identify unmotivated students.
    2. Uncover what is important to them.
    3. Learn parameters for working with them.
    4. Combine story patterns and learners together
    5. Discover techniques for using them
  2. Partnering with others and identifying which techniques are most useful in programming
  3. Receive information to improve or highlight storytelling practices and presentations.
  4. Design a new model for student success.

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