You Can Tell Stories Too

"Techniques for becoming a storyteller"

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  • Introduction
  • Lighting of Story Candle
  • Finding Story
  • Transforming Words
  • Finding the Story Character
  • Partnering
  • Outlining the Story Parts
  • Meeting and Knowing Conflict
  • Changing Patterns
  • Encounter with the Unexpected
  • The Value of Three
  • Charting the Unknown
  • Conflict rises to meet Solution
  • Conflicting Challenges
  • The Value of Reflecting
  • Bringing the Story to Life
  • Using Expression or Not
  • Gifting the Audience
  • The Message of Story
  • Integration
  • Sharing Story
  • Conclusion & Wrap Up


  1. Participants will learn what a story is, the value of story, and how to learn and share stories with others.
  2. Practice and learn a story model easily.
  3. Find and integrate story style.
  4. Become familiar with story patterns.
  5. Intuitively develop a spontaneous story.
  6. Partner with others and discover various facets of telling stories.
  7. Sing and collaborate together on story design.
  8. Uncover and research story sources.
  9. Understand the purpose & need to tell stories.
  10. Distinguish between story styles.
  11. Impart educational value.
  12. Have fun sharing stories.

Each workshop participant receives a certificate and story souvenir.

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